Halloween Makeup Tutorial - Dia de los Muertos / Day of the Dead

With Halloween right around the corner and all of the parties to attend, what better inspiration than Day Of The Dead?

Lisa Dempsey


In Mexico it is a celebration to honor the dead, a combination of Catholic and native Aztec traditions and beliefs. Throughout medieval Europe, skulls and skeletons were used as part of All Saints Day Festivals. And here in the U.S.? Halloween.

So what influenced our Dia de los Muertos makeup tutorial? LA Fashion Week! We couldn't have been more impressed with what we saw. One of our favorite moments was model Anthony Laflam walking for Joshua Christensen at Union Station. The head piece that was made by Jimmy Hartman was a definite persuasion. Stunning.

So grab your paint and honor the dead with us in these easy steps! And make sure to check out our tutorial video for this makeup application here.

For this makeup tutorial we used the following items:

1.) Make Up Forever 12 Flash Color Case
2.) Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder
3.) MAC Pigment Blue/Brown

Step 1:
Use the white and cover entire face. (We used Make Up For Ever's 12 Flash Color Case for these steps.)

Step 2:
Use the black and draw a circle around both eyes.

Step 3:
Use a loose pigment of your choice to fill in the eyes and blend the black circles. (We used MAC Pigment - Blue Brown for this.)

Step 4:
Use the yellow paint to outline the black paint around both eyes.

Step 5:
Use the red paint and apply dots all around around the yellow outline to create a scalloped shape.

Step 6:
Using a translucent powder, gently TAP over painted area. Do not rub or blend. (We used Make Up For Ever's HD Microfinish Powder.)

Step 7:
Using the black paint and a thin brush, outline the red paint, making them look like petals.

Step 8:
Taking that same black paint, cover the nose in an upside down spade shape.

Step 9:
Use the black paint to create a half shaped flower on the top of the forehead and the bottom of the chin. Don't forget filagree on your cheek!

Step 10:
Use the baby blue paint to fill in the half flowers on both the forehead and chin.

Step 11:
Use the red paint and apply on lips (as if you were applying lipstick.)

Step 12:
Use the black paint to draw a line from the inner lip to mid cheek on both sides. Next add vertical lines along the lips and continue on cheek, creating a sewn lips look. Add black paint in the center of the lips.

Step 13:
To complete this look, set with translucent powder. Next we added small jewels using clear lash glue to the chin and forehead. (Optional)

Floral headpiece:
Séchoir's Hair master, Leah Dempsey recommends grabbing some fake red and white roses from your nearest craft store. For this look she individually fastened the roses with Bobby pins.

Make Up Forever 12 Flash Color Case
Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder
MAC Pigment Blue/Brown

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