Organic + Essential Oils - Bath by Bettijo Giveaway

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting the founder and creator of Bath by Bettijo, an all-natural, organic approach to some of the yummiest bath products you'll ever try.

Tanya Dempsey


Bettijo is such an inspiration of a woman, maintaining a household, wrangling kiddos, starting her own business and running a blog so popular that it landed her on the Martha Stewart Show. We at Séchoir are in awe of women who truly do it all and Bettijo is no exception. We had the opportunity to test a few Bath by Bettijo products and selected some of our faves to offer as a giveaway for you!

First up, Whipped Shea Butter: (Retail $38!)
Made from raw, organic shea butter and the healing properties of lavender & cedar wood, this shea butter is so luxurious on the skin you'll never use plain, old lotion again. Séchoir tip: leave it in your nightstand drawer and slather your hands and feet up before bed. For extra soft feet in the morning, use a generous amount and wear socks to sleep.

Silky Shaving Oil in Ocean Mist: (Retail $12.50)
This unique oil carefully protects the skin, prevents nicks and keeps those gams silky smooth post shower. Bonus, zero dyes or fragrances that can irritate skin, only natural aromatherapy for calming or invigorating effects.

Peppermint Organic Lip Balm (Retail $8)
Made with a base of organic coconut oil, this balm is as good for your mouth as it is a treat. The essential oil of peppermint keeps things fresh and minty! We love this stuff!

Make sure to check out Bettijoe's site Paging Supermom and our two "supermom" inspired Séchoir videos, Polka dots & Running Tots and Mother Daughter bonding with Etsi

Giveaway Rules:

It's easy!

1. Simply head to Bath by Bettijo and let us know in a comment below what other products you'd like to try!

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Contest ends 7/31/14. Winner will be chosen at random and announced on our Facebook page on August 1st!

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