Fit is Fabulous

Tanya and Lauren showcase their favorite sportswear from MPG.

Tanya Dempsey


Tanya wore:
- Realm Ribbed Tank
- Rishi Yoga Capri

Tanya's Take
When the opportunity presented itself to work with a fitness brand I was both thrilled and terrified. I have been pretty active all my life and have always loved working out. (But that doesn't mean I always do.) It's been a long journey of motherhood, building a business, running a household, travel and sneaking in precious "me" time when I can. So how cool is it that one of my best friends, who happens to be my business partner for Séchoir is also a personal trainer? I really have zero excuse now to get serious, get to the gym, and get into killer shape. Trying MPG was such a treat. I highly recommend investing in some functional, yet fabulous looking sportswear. It will make that 8AM gym time that much more bearable. Bonus, you can take it from workout to street wear and still feel put together!

Lauren wore:
- Maneuver Sports Bra
- Deva Rose Printed Tight

Lauren's View
Yes, of course - every woman wants to look good in their workout gear, but the most important aspect for me is the fit and function, allowing for high performance. My workouts consist of unique physical movements and some of my biggest pet peeves with sportswear are discomfort, bunching of the fabric, and when clothing works its way into unwanted territories. (Hello handstands and yoga positions!) Unnecessary clothing annoyances create distractions from my focus, so it's imperative that my sportswear is flexible enough to go with my flow. MPG can proudly stand behind the "performance" in their products. The tops keep everything in place while the pants hug like second skin, all with cool design options to compliment my acrobatic performance.

Séchoir loves MPG!

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