Get Gorgeous - Leah's Top 6 Best Hair Products

Leah Dempsey is our resident Séchoir hair master who is a celebrity hair stylist in both film and TV. We're constantly asking her which products to use for all of our different hair types, and she finally put together a list of her top 6 must-haves! It's just in time to get those holiday locks looking gorgeous. Bonus, they might even make great gifting ideas. Read on...

Leah Dempsey


1. KMS Volumizing Spray $18

Now, some of us DO NOT have the strands those full-headed super humans do. I take personal pride in creating gorgeous hair styles in both my personal life and also at work. The film and TV industry is all about illusions, and my job is no different. I can take any mousy haired ingenue into full-fledged Goddess hair thickness with KMS Volumizing Spray. I also use it almost on the daily for my own hair. I can't tell you how many times a girl has stopped me on the street to ask if it's my real hair. Yes, it is. And if you feel it, you'll freak out. Because my hair is thin!

So, if you have thick hair like my sister, Tanya (Creator & CEO of Séchoir) this product is NOT for you. But for the rest of us mortals, I have incredible news: KMS Volumizing Spray (scream it with me) will give 70% more volume to YOUR locks! SE-VEN-TY.

This simply is a MUST HAVE. It provides the fullness you desire with long lasting volume. That's right, I just said "long lasting". It will last you all day as well. Score.

2. KMS Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal $19

While working on set and styling every type of hair you can imagine, in every different weather condition imaginable, my job is to maintain that style for a minimum of 12 hours a day. (Can you imagine if we had to stay looking that flawless in our every day lives for that long?) I have tried countless products for frizz on EVERY type of hair and not one of them compares to KMS Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal.  This product contains unique ingredients, that when combined, team up to protect even the most weather-sensitive hair from frizz and heat.

The process is simple: Style hair. Shake can. Spray 10 to 12 inches from head (don't get careless here - too close and it will defeat the purpose!) Now that you're on point, look in the mirror and greet your sexy, frizz-free self.

3. Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Creme $29

I love this product because it's light and it feels moisturizing. You can use it on wet or dry hair. It enhances curls, allowing you to define sections as well. Bonus- the curls stay soft! No crunchy curls with this cream.

What it is:
A styling cream that offers support for soft, fine curls that tend to droop.

What it does:
This cream keeps curls shapely and resilient. It's a must for anyone with naturally or chemically treated curly hair.

4. KMS Hair Stay Dry Xtreme Hairspray $19

If it seems I'm just a little in love with KMS products, it's true. Their stuff works. And this rad baby provides extreme, volumizing hold. It's a dry-to-the-touch hairspray that adds a shiny finish. (What? Hold, volume, AND shine? Yes, please!) Humectant adds moisture without weighing the hair down, and pomegranate pepper supports hold and protects against environmental damage.

To use: Spray KMS Hair Stay to secure finished style. Please note, this product really does work, so over-spraying is unnecessary. Want even bigger volume? Spray between layers at the root of hair.

5. CHI Matte Wax Dry Firm Paste $12

Have a Gentleman in your life? Here is a present he will thank you for all year long.

CHI Matte Wax Dry Firm Paste is a firm hold finishing paste that imparts three dimensional separation with a flat finish. Ideal for shaping curls or creating spikes or styles with drama. This finisher never leaves hair stiff or greasy.

To use: Work a small amount through dry hair, especially where texture and definition is required.

6. Chi Ceramic Flat Iron $130

WHO LOVES CHI?! ME!  This sleek flat iron is the Bentley of straightening tools. Made to hand select the temperature, this flat iron purrs with the control you need. It makes straight hair picture-perfect and curly hair more bouncy. (Yes, you can use a flat iron to enhance curls! I see a tutorial on the horizon...)

Perfect for the every day woman seeking sleek locks & the working hair stylists of the world. Trust me and take this baby for a spin.

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