Séchoir loves Pattern LA bags

I'm totally in love with this bag from Pattern LA and here's why: It's pretty, it's useful and I can't stop wearing it. In truth, a sample was sent to me a while back, and while I immediately loved the color and lazer-cut pattern, I wasn't exactly sure it screamed "me". So it sat in my office for a while, looking rather pretty on a shelf. Then one day I decided to give it a whirl. What took me so long? First of all, I have never used a bag more versatile. It's labeled the "transitional diaper bag" for a reason. It's perfect for those bare essentials of say, a mom with a two year old who needs a sippy, a couple of diapers and some wipes, but I've already used it for so much more; to a meeting with my laptop, running errands in my day-to-day, and yes, perfect as that diaper bag. (I happen to be that mom with a two year old... And also running around to meetings.)

Pattern LA's website is chalk-full of other goodies too, like tote bags and backpacks (my five year old has the Chloe in Fleur Berry which is adorable and water resistant, with Pattern's signature details for organization), and some cosmetic bags our makeup artist and I have our eye on as well.

Happy shopping!

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Transitional Diaper Bag - Pattern LA, Necklace - (also seen here!), Similar skirt and blouse - Banana Republic, Leopard pumps - DVF (similar)


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