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lisa dempsey makeup artist

Lisa Dempsey is our resident makeup guru, Beauty Director and knows her stuff when it comes to makeup, skincare and beauty products. Read on to see some of her favorites - (they make great Christmas stocking gifts!)

Lisa Dempsey


I'm constantly being asked by friends and clients about the best products to use for both skincare and makeup. While I'm lucky to have some product sent to me to try on clients for film and TV, and we also get to discover so many fabulous new brands for Séchoir, I only endorse what I truly believe is the best! (And trust me, I try out a lot of stuff.)

still bronze powder

Stila Set & Bronze Baked Powder Trio

Bronzer is a year round must, especially during the winter. To achieve some natural looking color, add Stila's bronze baked powder trio to your makeup arsenal. How else will you look sun kissed?

sigma brushes

Sigmax Essential Kit 10 Brushes

This essential brush kit is a must for any makeup lover. These are some of the softest brushes that will ever touch your face. Here's something to think about: You use your makeup brushes every day. Every. Day. And though they can withstand some time, like anything else they too acquire miles. Treat yourself (and your face) to something nice this year that you'll enjoy day after day.

stacked skincare towels

Stacked Skincare 100% Bamboo Face Towels

I cannot speak highly enough about this line. Stacked Skincare has become a regular client of ours at Séchoir, and we have seen some serious results first hand, for beautiful skincare. A tip we learned from owner and creator, Kerry Benjamin, is to use a fresh towel every night to cleanse your skin. Sounds simple enough, but think about that washcloth that's been hanging out on your countertop for days, and all of the bacteria and acne causing germs that you put back onto your face each time you use it. This comes in a set of seven, a new towel for your face every day of the week. They even come with this pretty pouch that makes your routine that much easier. Use a new towel every night and tuck the dirty ones back into the bag. End of the week? Toss that entire bag in the washer. Genius.

aveeno lotion

Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion

Alright, I have tried everything. I mean everything! From body butters to oils to all the latest raves. And I have to say, in all honesty, this is the best lotion I have ever used. Hyper-allergenic and super moisturizing.

sou crayon

Shu Uemura Cover Crayon

This baby has the strongest coverage I've found. Blemishes, broken blood vessels and scars don't stand a chance against this crayon. It's duel sided colors will cover any mark.

organic face lipgloss

The Organic Face Addiction Lipgloss

Another client of ours at Séchoir TV, and we've all become obsessed with so many of their products. The Organic Face has a mission to revolutionize makeup by replacing all the chemicals found in so many products, with natural ingredients. We covered backstage at NYFW for them and model after model was raving about the product. If I had to select just one (and it's tough) I'd say the lip glosses are a must. I really like this papaya color for a soft and gorgeous nude lip.

Hope you find some of your own favorite products from this list! More to come as I discover them.

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